Secrets of the Zoo: Tampa

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Secrets of the Zoo: Tampa

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Don’t miss the popular Nat Geo WILD series, filmed entirely at Tampa’s award-winning Zoo, and see the behind-the-scenes stories of amazing animals and the dedicated team entrusted with their care. From rescued manatees needing 24-hour critical care to the notable birth of an endangered white rhino, the series features an array of compelling stories that highlight the Zoo’s mission to protect and preserve animals, while helping to inspire the next generation of wildlife champions.

The series is produced by Emmy-winning, Tampa-based Remedy Television + Branded and is available on Disney+ and Amazon. Season 3 is airing now!

Meet the Stars of Secrets of the Zoo: Tampa
Dr. Cynthia Stringfield, DVM, Senior VP of Animal Health, Conservation and Education

Dr. Cynthia, DVM, Senior VP of Animal Health, Conservation & Education

Dr. Stringfield brings more than 35 years of experience as a medical professional and is a passionate advocate for the care and conservation of animals throughout the world.

Most recently, Dr. Stringfield was a member of the animal health team at the Santa Barbara Zoo and a professor and department chair of the Exotic Animal Training and Management program at Moorpark College. Prior to that, she was a clinical and supervising veterinarian at the Los Angeles Zoo. Additionally, through U.S. Fish and Wildlife, Dr. Stringfield was the California Condor Veterinary Coordinator and Advisor for 17 years and a member of the California Condor Recovery Team during the incredible recovery of this endangered species. Dr. Stringfield also brings extensive big cat experience to ZooTampa, and is very excited to again work with USFWS and be part of the Florida Panther Recovery Program.

Chris Masarro, General Curator

Chris, Senior VP of Zoological Operations

Chris grew up hiking and exploring the forests of New Hampshire prior to moving to Tampa with his family when he was in high school. He attended the University of South Florida where he studied anthropology with a focus on biological anthropology and primatology.

He began his career at ZooTampa in 2002 as an intern. During his career, Chris has been a pioneer in many of the zoo’s breeding programs including the zoo’s first breeding program of rhinoceros which has resulted in the successful birth of nine endangered Indian and southern white rhinos. He also managed the zoo’s first naturally conceived elephant birth. Additionally, he is a member of the steering committee for the rhinoceros taxon advisory group.

Chris continues to have a fascination with exploring nature, visiting national parks and hiking. He is a proud father of a son and a great dane. On his spare time, he coaches his son’s soccer team and collects rare whiskey.

Tiffany Burns, Associate Curator

Tiffany, Director of Marine Life and Animal Programs

Tiffany has over 15 years of animal experience, 10 of which have been with marine mammals. She began her career in her hometown of Las Vegas where she worked with dolphins at the Mirage Hotel. She’s participated in countless medical procedures, animal rescues and rehabilitation of marine mammals throughout the US and the world including St. Thomas, St. Kitts and Roatan. She has been involved with training staff in sanctuaries in Africa on best practices and how to behaviorally manage their large group of chimpanzees.

As the Director of Conservation, Research & Behavior at ZooTampa at Lowry Park, Tiffany has many roles including leading the Manatee Care team and spearheading our ZT Saves conservation programming. She is thrilled to fulfill her lifelong dream of working with a wide variety of animals and being part of the team that rescues, rehabilitates and releases sick and injured manatees back to Florida waters.

Her favorite role, however, is being a mother to 2-year-old, Myla. The love for animals runs strong in her family; husband Mike is also an Associate Curator and their daughter Myla attends Zoo School.

Associate Curator Mike

Mike, Curator of Africa/Elephants & Primates

Mike is a graduate of Roger Williams University in Rhode Island with a degree in biology. He started his career working at Coral World in St. Thomas. He later moved to Texas to work with elephants, rhinos and hoof stocks.

In 2010, he joined the team at ZooTampa which has been recognized with numerous awards for their work with elephants, including the prestigious Edward H. Bean award through the American Zoological Association and the Behavior Management Innovation Award at ABMA. Mike and his team's work with elephants has also been published in the Journal of Comparative Psychology. As one of the leaders of animal care, Mike serves on several committees at ZooTampa.

Mike is well-known for his sense of humor and proudly states that he is passionate about three things: his family, animals and his jeep.

Sue, Associate Curator of Behavior

Sue, Curator of Behavior/Ambassadors

Sue was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. She attended the University of Findlay to study pre-veterinary medicine, but ultimately changed her mind to follow her love in animal training. Her passion for animals was sparked during her volunteer work at her local animal shelters and clinic. She started her career at the Cleveland Zoo. After some further career exploration abroad, she got a full time position at the Miami Seaquarium as a marine mammal trainer working with 16 bottlenose dolphins and multiple species of parrots. She later furthered her experience at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, where she got to work closely with the animals from Dolphin Tale 2.

Coming to ZooTampa she had to hang up her wet suit, and started off in the Africa section of the zoo working with elephants and rhinos. Two years ago, she transitioned into the position of Behavior Manager and was subsequently promoted to Curator of Behavior/Ambassadors. Sue is able to share her passion for animals as well as teach staff how to modify behavior, improve animal welfare, and bridge that connection between animals and the guests. One of her proudest accomplishments at ZooTampa was the reinvention of the Macaw Flyover — teaching 14 macaws a brand new flight path after years of flying a certain way. Her favorite part of working at the Zoo is being able to bring new ideas and support to the animal care team.

Outside of work life, you can catch Sue surrounded by her two dogs, enjoying active adventures with her husband, making homemade gifts, or scuba diving!

Molly, Animal Care Manager

Molly, Curator of Florida/Manatees

Molly attended school at Coastal Carolina University and graduated in 2005 with a degree in Marine Science. She interned at Ripley’s Aquarium in Myrtle Beach and Dolphin Quest in Bermuda. After graduation, Molly moved to Florida and worked at the Florida Aquarium in their education department as an interpreter and diver.

She started her ZooTampa career in the Herps & Aquatics Department before moving to the Florida Mammals Department in 2009, where she works with a wide variety of Florida species and is part of the team that rescues, rehabilitates and releases sick and injured manatees.