Florida Pine Snake

Florida Pine Snake - ZooTampa at Lowry Park

The Florida pine snake is native to the Southeastern United States, but primarily found in Florida. As they require sandy soil for burrowing, this species can be found in oak woodlands, scrub, pine forests, fields and even in gopher tortoise burrows.

The Florida pine snake is nonvenomous and has a light body with brown splotches.  Their diet usually consists of small mammals, other snakes, and bird eggs. Unlike other snakes, the Florida pine snake has ridged scales and are rough in texture. Be careful - you won’t want to disturb these snakes! When disturbed, the Florida pine snake will inflate and rear the front of its body off the ground while hissing very loudly.

This species is currently listed as threatened in the state of Florida due to habitat loss. Pine tree farms, the citrus industry, real estate development and road construction are all threats to this species and their population.

Get up close to our Florida pine snake ambassador Piney during an animal mingle!