2020 Summer Camps – Kindergarten & 1st Grade

Get Ready for aWILD Summer!

Kindergarten & 1st Grade
2020 Summer Camps at ZooTampa

A 1st grader smiles in amazement while he feeds a giraffe at ZooTampa Summer Camp

2020 Summer Camps Are Sold Out

Your kids will explore the Zoo like never before! Get nose-to-horn with a majestic Indian Rhino or hand-to-fin with playful stingrays. Learn from professionals what it takes to become a Zoo veterinarian or animal care expert! Kids will get VIP access to the Zoo, up-close with awesome animals, and plenty of splashes on our all-new water adventure, Roaring Springs!

Summer Camps at a Glance

Camps are for K - 8th Grade

Camps are 9am-4pm, Mon-Fri

Prices are per camp, per child, and vary by camp

Camps are 1 week each. They begin June 8th and end July 31st

Every ZooTampa Summer Camp creates a truly unforgettable summer through unique opportunities such as building and creating enrichment for the animals in our care, participating in animal behavior observations, and experiencing amazing up close animal encounters!

Kindergarten & 1st Grade Camps

  • Tour our elephant night house
  • Observe a behavioral session
  • Build bird toys for our hornbills

Summer Camp participants will...

  • Experience different species up-close!
  • Engage in keeper chats!
  • Create connections with animal ambassadors and wildlife!

Actual experiences vary for each camp. See camp descriptions below for more info.

Summer camps are ALL-INCLUSIVE! Each camper will receive:

  • Lunch & snack each day of camp
  • ZooTampa Summer Camp T-shirt
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Water bottle carrier
  • Free before & aftercare available from 8:30am-9am and 4pm-5pm
  • A complimentary ticket to visit ZooTampa on another summer day

For more information about ZooTampa Summer Camps:

Contact Jamie Elkington

813-933-8093 Jamie.Elkington@Zootampa.org

Kindergarten - 1st Grade Camps

Children must have completed kindergarten or 1st grade as of May 2020

$240 for Members

$292 for Non-Members

* Prices increase on April 1st


June 8 - 12 July 6 - 10 July 13 - 17 SOLD OUT

Go green while you let your imagination run WILD at this earth friendly art camp. Turn trash into treasure creating your very own masterpieces, and meet native Florida animals you are helping along the way!

  • Design unique art using recycled items, then showcase to families at art walk.
  • Learn about “upcycling”, and the impact it can have on the environment.
  • Find out what the zoo is doing to help the animals in your backyard.
  • Meet & mingle with animal ambassadors up-close.


June 8 - 12 SOLD OUT June 15 - 19 SOLD OUT July 13 - 17 SOLD OUT July 20 - 24 SOLD OUT

Taking care of animals is a big job… are you up for the challenge? From zoo keepers to veterinarians, and everyone in between, it takes a lot of people to keep the animals healthy and happy. Find out just what it takes for you to become a Dr. Zoo-little!

  • See what it’s like to rescue, rehabilitate and release animals back to the wild with a mock manatee rescue.
  • See what goes into preparing food for the 1300 animals at the zoo.
  • Meet & mingle with animal ambassadors up-close.


June 15 - 19 June 22 - 26 SOLD OUT July 20 - 24 SOLD OUT July 27 - 31

Are you ready to “Zoo-vive” the best week of camp ever? Learn how animals adapt to their habitats- How do polar bears battle the cold and snow? How do spiders catch food that is the same size as they are? Find out the answers to these questions and more. Then complete survival challenges to see how much of a Zoo-Vivor you have become!

  • Learn which skills animals need to survive in the wild, then test your skills against other campers during survival challenges.
  • Learn about the Zoo’s role in helping to save animals from extinction.
  • Meet & mingle with animal ambassadors up-close.

Beastly Builders

June 22 - 26 July 6 - 10 July 27 - 31

Ever wonder how we make a Zoo habitat, or how an animal builds their own home? Learn what is needed and how animals create a safe place to live in nature, then put your newfound skills to the test while designing your own animal abode!

  • Create animal habitats based on animals’ basic needs.
  • Learn about the most amazing beastly builders in nature.
  • Meet & mingle with animal ambassadors up-close.


After adding camps to your shopping cart you’ll see links underneath each camp which say "Enter Roster Info". It’s required that you submit roster info for each camp. List all people that are permitted to pick up your child from camp. Each adult will be asked to show ID when signing out a child from camp. Unauthorized will be turned away.

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Excellent program! I loved that lunch and before and after care were included. Made everything so easy! My children still tell me interesting animal facts weeks later!

Summer Camp Teen Volunteer Program

If you love working with children, and are passionate about animals and the environment, then the Summer Camp Teen Volunteer Program might be for you! Must be 14 years of age or older.

Learn More & Register for Summer Camp Teen Volunteer Program