Green Tips from the Green Team

Helpful Tips on America Recycles Day

‘Tis the season! Holiday cheer, delicious food, connecting with loved ones and…recycling? November 15th is probably not a holiday you’ll see marked on your calendar; however, it is an incredibly important holiday to the Zoo, Tampa Bay, and beyond. It’s America Recycles Day, a Keep America Beautiful initiative!

Here’s how YOU can help make the world more sustainable through a few easy changes:

  1. Learn what items are accepted by your curbside pickup - not all of them are! (#1-7 plastics typically are accepted.)
  2. Make sure you rinse any recyclables, so you don’t contaminate the bunch.
  3. Have a bin in every room to avoid being “too lazy” to recycle!
  4. Call your local electronic stores to see if they will recycle your old unusable items.
  5. Recycle water! For example, you can pour the water left over from cooking pasta directly into a flower bed.
  6. Join an America Recycles Day Celebration! There is one as close as Sarasota County.

Don’t stop there! If you’re already a recycling pro, consider going further and add these sustainable actions to your daily routine:

  1. Choose to reuse items like water bottles, mugs, bags and straws.
  2. Begin composting at home. Organic waste is the second largest component found in landfills!
  3. Repurpose items that you would normally throw away or recycle; for example, glass jars can become excellent storage containers.
  4. Shop in bulk and avoid food pre-packaged in plastic bags.

From all of us on ZooTampa’s Green Team, Happy America Recycles Day!