Gift Shop Finds

Did you know that every purchase at the Zoo, from an annual Membership to a souvenir at the Gift Shop, helps us in our mission to preserve & protect wildlife? We are proud to offer guests innovative, environmentally-friendly products that will leave your family & friends jealous! Each month, we're giving you the top 3 hottest gift shop finds. All items are available for purchase at Nature's Kingdom Gift Shop.

Ditch the plastic:

Plastic is the number one pollutant in our waterways, but you can do your part by purchasing a bamboo straw. One small switch to a reusable bamboo straw can make a huge impact!

Gift Shop Finds - ZooTampa at Lowry Park

More than just a shot glass:

These colorful shot glasses are not only unbreakable, but they are multipurpose! Use these at your next cocktail party or as a wine topper for that unfinished bottle of wine. Best part? They are BPA free and made 100% out of food-grade silicon!

Gift Shop Finds - ZooTampa at Lowry Park

Pick your favorite:

Take your favorite zoo animal home with you! We have over 30 different plush species to choose from that are eco-friendly. All plush are made with recycled water bottles!

Gift Shop Finds - ZooTampa at Lowry Park

Our retail team works hard in choosing products for all our gift shops that are sustainably made, palm oil free, and spark the eco-warrior in all of us. Stay tuned for next month’s hottest retail picks!