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Wednesday, November 20| 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Reilly's Reserve


Dr. Robert Bonde is a retired federal Research Biologist with the U.S. Geological Survey and holds an adjunct faculty position with the graduate school of the University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine. Bob has been studying manatees for 40 years and specializes in their natural history, biology, genetics, and conservation. Much of his research has been conducted on the manatee population in Crystal River, Florida. He has served on graduate committees for 29 students focusing on topics related to conservation, genetics, endocrinology, osteology, virology, behaviour, physiology, contaminants, health monitoring, blood chemistry, and behaviour. In his position he has over 100 academic publications and has written a book along with Dr. Roger Reep entitled The Florida Manatee: Biology and Conservation.

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