Creatures of the Night


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Creatures of the Night returns even spookier than last year, for ghouls and goblins of all ages! This year Medusa, The Serpent-headed Gorgon Queen, has stepped out of the pages of mythology and is lurking in the darkest shadows. The Zoo transforms into an eerie and immersive Halloween adventure for the whole family. Creatures emerge at dusk with startling surprises around every corner. No horror or gore, just fun frights for all. 


Creatures of the Night will feature a NEW ICON and TWO NEW scare zones!

Medusa's Stone Cold Cave is an all-new scare zone located in Manatee Cove! Here, guests can meet Medusa, the Serpent-headed Gorgon Queen, as she steps out of the pages of mythology and into the darkest shadows of the Zoo. Legend warns that those who look her in the eyes are so overwhelmed with fear, they turn to stone. Guests risk heeding the ancient warnings or becoming a permanent member of her chilling garden of statues! Despite Medusa’s scary appearance, snakes like those replacing her curly locks are critical to our local ecosystems and Zoo educators will be on-hand to share their importance to guests.
Medusa's Stone Cold Cave

The Fairy Frightful Forest is the perfect dark and dense diversion for older kids, pre-teens and adults. This seemingly enchanted woodland is filled with overgrown flowers, huge mushrooms and whimsical fairies – until suddenly, everything takes a dastardly and diabolical turn! Guests who brave this ominous journey go face-to-face with frightening trolls and menacing trees that have come to life.

Avoid a frightful wait! Reserve your time slot for Fairy Frightful Forest as soon as you arrive and enjoy the rest of the event until your reservation time.

Fairy Frightful Forest

Creatures of a different variety lurk around every area of the Zoo!


Pumpkin Palooza is the special sanctuary set aside for the littlest of “boos” and “ghouls” when Wallaroo Station transforms into a festive fall harvest complete with a pumpkin patch, scarecrows and friendly farm animals. Up-close animal interactions and fun fall photo opportunities will be abundant!

Pumpkin Palooza

Scarab Point is designed for brave little adventurers to explore an ancient Egyptian tomb and meet history’s most alluring queen, Cleopatra, along with her playful mummies!

Scarab Point

Shiver me timbers! Adventurers can play with headless pirates or listen to pirate tales.

Haunted Key West

Mischievous ghosts invite guests to ride Carousel of Creeps surrounded by a ghostly graveyard!

Carousel of Creeps

Wolf Haven Village offers party-goers the perfect place to howl and hang with werewolves!

Wolf Haven Village

Wander through the Critter Canal inspired by creatures that creep, crawl and swoop!

Critter Canal

Enjoy the all-new show Pigpimples School of Mystery and Mayhem with multiple shows nightly where families and friends can enjoy a Halloween themed, animal show featuring our famous animal ambassadors and their natural behaviors as never seen before.
New Show - Pigpimples School of Mystery and Mayhem!

Enjoy various animal mingles and enrichment throughout the night from elephant pumpkin smashes to meeting llamas!
Up-Close Mingles

Parental discretion is advised - this will be the only gore you'll see throughout the event as you observe the unique hunting and feeding behaviors of these fascinating carnivores with special carcass feedings at their habitats.
Komodo Dragon and African Painted Dog Feeding

Learn all about these historically spooky animals from the animal care professionals that work with them every day!
Bat Chats

Are you ready to take on the "Curse of the Beast Burger"? The foodie favorite, “Beast Burger” returns this year, bigger and spicier than last year.
Curse of the Beast Burger

Try the "Tombscone" black ice cream cone! Only bravest will try ice cream as black as night. Try it in a cone or a waffle bowl - either way is sure to give you the chills.

Try a variety of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde approved cocktails - both alcoholic and non-alcholic options are available! Beer, wine, devilish cocktails and Coca-Cola products will be available throughout the Zoo.
Evil Concoctions

Costume Policy

Children (11 and under) are invited to arrive in their most spooktacular attire. For the comfort and safety of all guests - all masks and toy weapons are prohibited.