Endangered Species Day – Gift Shop Finds

We are on a mission to provide awareness and save species around the world to ensure they thrive for generations to come. Did you know each purchase at the Zoo, from a souvenir to an annual membership, helps us on our mission to preserve & protect wildlife? We are giving you this month’s top gift shop finds that make the perfect purchase for Endangered Species Day.


Snare Art:

These art pieces are made from snare wire found in the wild. Unfortunately snares are a threat to African painted dogs. By purchasing snare art you are helping the African painted dog population.


Sequence Collectible Ornament:

Skip the traditional ornament, and purchase a sequence collectible one this holiday season! Featured endangered species include: tigers, giraffes and elephants.



We have over 30 different plush species to choose from that are eco-friendly, including unique and endangered species like the okapi, and komodo dragon. All plush are made with recycled water bottles!


Endangered Species Day Exclusive: Bamboo Straws- Buy one, get one 50% off!