Great American Teach-In

Invite the Zoo to your School

Each year we are pleased to have the opportunity to participate in the Great American Teach-In, an important educational opportunity. Last year, we were humbled to receive more than 150 requests for speakers from teachers, administrators, parents and students. We are proud to have sent 15 staff members and volunteers to visit 10 Bay area schools, which enabled us to reach more than 2,200 children.

If you would like to invite the Zoo to your school, please fill out a simple request form for lottery-style potential selection. We hope to inspire everyone to join us in our mission to preserve and protect wildlife. While we regret that we are unable to fulfill every request, we strive to provide supplemental educational resources by way of self-guided field trips, teacher packets, and other off-site visits.

ZooTampa at Lowry Park is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization that depends on the work of staff, volunteers and committed supporters throughout our community to provide quality programs and services. We can appreciate firsthand your hard work and that of your colleagues to provide excellence in education, and hope that we can work together in that endeavor.