Country Store Shoppin’

With the brand-new family, water adventure Roaring Springs opening up, we wanted to give y’all an exclusive sneak peek at the new store where you’ll be able to shop for your favorite local goodies! You’ll go wild at the Country Store for the items that include the most unique Florida finds.

If you are buzzing for something sweet, don’t worry! We have the best honey in the state from Kelley’s Apiaries. Kelley’s offers nothing but pure, raw, unfiltered honey with a variety of flavors including orange blossom, local wildflower, palmetto, and holly. With this honey, you can add a little sweetness to your life!

Got Milk? Goat milk that is!  The Country Store will be selling goat milk soaps from Sunflower Soaps. The soaps are made with ingredients and oils with our skin benefits in mind and are handcrafted in small quantities with fresh goat milk from their own herd of Nubian dairy goats.

Another great local find at the store are the Florida salt scrubs - specially crafted in South Florida. These sea salts contain pure mineral-rich sea salt crystals collected directly from the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. While you’re scrubbing away, you can add to your pampering with one of the handmade natural soy candles from Cantara Candles. These candles are eco-friendly, allowing the candles to burn cleaner and longer without polluting your home with toxins and carcinogens. These products make for the perfect spa day in the comfort of your own home!

Add to your Florida lifestyle with all these items, plus more, at the Country Store near Roaring Springs!