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Orangutan mom holding her baby

Saving the Critically Endangered Orangutan

Our family of the world’s largest tree dwelling mammal, spends its days foraging through their habitat for tasty snacks, playing with one another, and tending to the younger ones. What makes our orangutan family so special is that there are three generations represented and can be seen together. Even more special is that we have four different mothers caring for their young ones – all displaying different takes on motherhood. Each individual has a unique personality, and all are wonderful ambassadors for their species. As part of the Species Survival Program, we have had 11 orangutan offsprings, an important milestone for this endangered primate.

Orangutan-Friendly Candy Brands

3 Musketeers • Airheads • Almond Joy • Butterfinger • Cadbury • Chupa Chups • Crunch • Ghirardelli • Haribo • Hershey’s • Jolly Rancher • Justin’s • Kit Kat • Lindt • M&M’s • Milky Way • Mounds • Reese’s • Skittles • Snickers • Sour Patch Kids • Starburst • Toblerone • Twix • Twizzlers • Whoppers • York

List updated October 2021.

Two baby orangutans play with each other

Be a smart consumer & buy sustainable palm oil products

Found in the forests of Indonesia and Malaysia, orangutans are critically endangered due to deforestation by the palm oil industry. Palm oil can be found in a wide range of products such as food, cosmetics, household goods, & more. When it is grown unsustainably, new areas of forest are cut and burned, destroying the orangutan’s habitat. However, sustainable palm oil is grown by re-using the same land for production.

As consumers, we hold the power for change! Supporting sustainable palm oil will encourage more companies to make the change to sustainable production. Download the Sustainable Palm Oil app on your smart phone and scan items while you shop to make informed decisions.

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