African Painted Dog Conservation

African Painted Dog

ZT Saves African Painted Dogs
An adult African painted dog and pup

Saving the Critically Endangered African Painted Dog

Painted dog society is complex and cooperative. Packs range from around 6-12 individuals, however packs of 30-50 have been documented. Each pack has an alpha male and female, chosen by the pack for their ability to lead versus their size. The painted dog is one of the greatest predators in Africa. Working as a team, the pack brings down their prey, quickly fill their bellies and rush back to their dens. They have specially adapted carnassial teeth that help slice meat and bone more efficiently. All painted dogs have big round ears, a dark muzzle, and white tipped tails. The rest of the coat is mottled in splotches of ebony, white, and golden tans. Every dog has a unique pattern, just as unique as our finger prints!

Our own painted dog family enjoys devouring shanks, whole rabbits, and whole chicks on a regular basis. The juveniles are quite playful and are often seen chasing each other around the yard, wrestling, playing tug of war with palm fronds or sticks, or taking a quick dip in their pool.

African Painted Dog Conservation - ZooTampa at Lowry Park

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