Jacarlene Animal Care Campus

ZooTampa at Lowry Park is home to a state-of-the-art campus for animal care. The Jacarlene Foundation Animal Care Campus is comprised of four distinct buildings that are integral in the daily care of over 1,000 animals -  the Catherine Lowry Straz Veterinary Hospital, the animal nutrition center, and the Tiedemann-Cotton Animal Care Annex.

Catherine Lowry Straz Veterinary Hospital

With over 1,000 animals, the Catherine Lowry Straz Veterinary Hospital acts as the hub for all things medical. With state of the art equipment and a dedicated veterinary team, our animals receive the best medical care. As the only zoo to have earned accreditation with the American Association of Animal Hospitals (AAHA) twice, it is assured that our animals receive the best healthcare.  In addition to the manatee rehabilitation work, the veterinary team at the Zoo serves as a medical center for several of Florida’s iconic wildlife species including black bears and Florida panthers.

Animal Nutrition Center

How do we feed all the animals at ZooTampa? With a lot of organization and care. All the diets for the 1,300 animals are made here and customized for each animal based on daily observations and checkups. With a fresh food delivered on a daily basis, our animals at ZooTampa receive nothing but the best to help their growth!

Tiedemann-Cotton Animal Care Annex

The Tiedemann-Cotton Animal Care Annex helps our animal care and veterinary team with the most severe cases