Careers – Internal

Welcome to the internal portal for promotion and transfer applications! If you are a current ZooTampa employee, you can use this site to apply for other positions within the Zoo. Simply find the opening you are interested in and complete the application. If you need assistance in completing the online application, contact Human Resources at

Remember these key points:

Full time and part time employees are eligible to be considered for another position after the introductory period has been successfully completed. If you have special circumstances that you think warrant an exception, please contact HR.

Temporary, seasonal, and occasional employees can apply for positions at any time.

Interns and volunteers should use the external candidate portal but should include their experience at ZooTampa in their application.

Your manager will be contacted for an internal reference before any transfer or promotion is granted. If selected for a new role, you will have a new introductory period.

Some positions may have different requirements than your current role, so be sure to look closely at the minimum qualifications for the position you would like. Even if you do not have the requirements now, talk to your manager about whether opportunities might exist for you to gain more experience so you can improve your chances for future growth.