Pygmy Hippo

Perfectly Pygmy.

The best things come in pygmy packages – that’s the saying, right? Pygmy hippos, as their name implies, are smaller than their Nile hippo relative. At full grown, pygmy hippos weigh in at only a few hundred pounds and stand only about three feet tall.  Our pygmy hippo family consists with mom, Zsa Zsa, dad, Pogo, and baby, Holly Berry. They may be “small”, but their personalities are huge.

Proud papa Pogo is an easy-going, gentle hippo. He likes stretching himself across the steps of his pool to keep half his body in the water, and half out in the sun. If you have children, there is a chance Pogo will come straight to the viewing window of his habitat to inspect them – makes for a great photo and memory!

Experienced mother, Zsa Zsa, plays that role very well! She spends her days with little Holly Berry and teaching her the pygmy hippo ways. While she can sometimes be stern, she is also extremely patient and accommodating with her playful girl.

Rounding out our perfect pygmy family is Holly Berry. The little bundle of joy made her debut weighing 9 lbs. at just 5 days old and proceeded to steal the hearts of everyone who saw her little rolls. Her name came to fruition with a naming competition in partnership with Hyppo Gourmet Ice Pops. After a thousand suggestions, tons of cuteness, and hundreds of pops – Holly’s name was revealed and it is fitting. She is sweet as a berry and truly a holly little girl. With every day, she gains confidence and independence. She still sticks close to mom but is not afraid to push her boundaries. We can’t wait to watch her grow up and hit her next milestones – budding teeth and solid foods.

Infographic about pygmy hippos showing that there are less than 3000 left in the wild