Greater One-Horned Rhinoceros

Rough Around The Edges.

There are five species of rhinoceros in the world and each plays a unique role in their environment and the larger ecosystem as a whole. Here at ZooTampa, we are fortunate to care for two of these amazing species – the Southern white rhino and the Greater one-horned rhino. Commonly known as an Indian rhino, these gentle giants are a rare, endangered species. Unlike Southern white rhinos, the Indian rhino is one of just two species of rhino that only has one horn and their skin looks like armor making them truly unique!

Johnny is our male and he is a laid-back fellow who likes to get back scratches from the animal care staff and from guests during the Nose-to-Horn Rhino Encounter. Jamie is our headstrong and confident female who is not shy to let Johnny, or the animal care staff, how she’s feeling.

Are you wondering how on earth you can get nose-to-horn with Jamie or Johnny? Through daily training and positive reinforcement with our Animal Care team, our rhinos are eager to meet you. This encounter also acts as training for voluntarily veterinary check-ups and procedures. Not only do you get to meet the chance to get up-close with an Indian rhino, but you get to be a part of their daily care!