Bornean Orangutan

Playful Primates.

Our family of orangutans spends its days foraging through their habitat for tasty snacks, playing with one another, and tending to the younger ones. What makes our orangutan family so special is that there are three generations represented and can be seen together. Even more special is that we have three different mothers caring for their young ones – all displaying different takes on motherhood.

Josie is technically the “grandma” of the family but gave birth to little GoJo in 2016. She encourages GoJo to be independent which is evident by how comfortable GoJo has become with climbing all over his habitat. He may be small, but his curiosity is huge. Josie’s daughter, Hadiah, takes motherhood a little differently. As a first-time mother, she is very protective her little girl, Topi. She is never too far from her in the habitat and is quick to assist her if needed. It came as no surprise that Hadiah became a great mom since she was able to learn from both Josie and DeeDee.

DeeDee is the oldest female orangutan in our group and she is the mother of RanDee and new baby, Dira. DeeDee is a calm and patient mother and she spends a lot of time showing affection to little Dira. You can almost always see DeeDee showering her baby girl with kisses or cuddling her close to her chest. While she tends to her newborn, RanDee is free to her silly behaviors. If you ever have difficulties finding RanDee, just look up in the habitat! She loves the vantage point from the top and will spend a lot of her time there.

And finally, Goyang, the male orangutan in our group and father to little GoJo, Topi, and Dira. Like other male orangutans, Goyang has developed large cheek pads as he matured, marking him different from the females. Male orangutans do not play a huge part in raising the young ones, Goyang takes fatherhood in stride and enjoys lounging around the habitat and playing with RanDee. It is a magnificent sight to see 8 orangutans in one habitat living harmoniously. They are truly one big, happy family – and that warms our hearts.