Aldabra Giant Tortoise

Slow and Steady.

Native to the Aldabra Atoll, an island north of Madagascar, Aldabras are the last giant tortoise species in the eastern hemisphere.  Not only are they large in size, the Aldabra tortoises have enormous personalities to match. ZooTampa is home to 5 adult Aldabra tortoises – the males, Al and Bruce, and the females named Dabby, Sligh, and Scooter.

Each of the Aldabra tortoises has a unique personality and they are not afraid to show it off! Al and Bruce are the most eager of the group and will stretch out their necks to receive scratches! Al fancies himself as the dominant male within the group and enjoys socializing with staff and guests alike. Bruce also enjoys getting scratches, however he really loves soaking in the middle of the pool he claims as his own. Dabby and Scooter don’t mind scratches, but would really rather be with a fresh cut branch from a mulberry tree. Sligh, however, loves bulldozing across the yard as a determined, yet aimless, wanderer.

Each day, the Zoo invites guests to interact with these tortoises and to take a “shell-fie” during a special Aldabra tortoise encounter.