African Penguin

Fine-Feathered Friends.

Penguins in Florida? You bet! There are 18 species of penguins in the world, with 5 being warm weather species. That means that almost 1/3 of penguin species spend their time in warm weather, similar to Florida, instead of the chilly Antarctic. Our penguins love being out in the sun and swimming around in the water.

How can you tell our penguins apart?

While most penguins may look alike, each penguin has a unique pattern of markings on its chest – just like a fingerprint. An easy way to tell our penguins apart is the colored bands we put on their flippers. Males have colored bands on the right flipper and the females have colored bands on the left flipper. When 2 penguins have the same color band but on different sides, that means they are “together”.


Name Right/Left Wing Color Hatch Date
Abe (No Band) (No Band) May 14, 1992
Pepper (No Band) (No Band) April 10, 2000
Tyke Right Yellow June 9, 2006
Violet Right White May 24, 2007


Left White June 28, 2007
Loki Right Dark Blue September 25, 2007
Tinkerbelle Left Dark Blue July 3, 2007
Thumbelina Left Green July 12, 2007
Rocky Right Green November 6, 2006
Tyra Left Pink October 17, 2006
Thalia Left Neon Green June 2, 2014
Mimi Left Purple January 26, 2015
Marcus Right Purple December 15, 2014