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Experience wildlife like nowhere else! Voted one of USA Today’s 10Best Zoos in the country and 12-time winner of TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award, ZooTampa offers one-of-a-kind experiences that connect people to wildlife and each other in fun and immersive ways.

Come nose-to-nose with an endangered Florida panther, witness life-saving care at our David A. Straz, Jr. Manatee Critical Care Center, go on a safari through Africa, and so much more! Every visit supports our commitment to rescue, rehabilitate, and care for animals and continues to inspire future generations to join us in saving animals and preserving the world we share.


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Prehistoric Predators at ZooTampa
Prehistoric Predators at ZooTampa
Prehistoric Predators at ZooTampa

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Wade in the water with stingrays or get up-close to an amazing clouded leopard. You don’t want to miss these animal encounters on your next visit!

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Seasonal Events

Creatures of the Night

Select nights in October

Tampa Bay’s favorite family-friendly Halloween event, Creatures of the Night, returns every October at ZooTampa. Guests of all ages can enjoy eerie fun, tasty treats, and spooky surprises. Members receive free admission!

Christmas in the Wild

Select nights in November and December

It’s the most wonderful time of the year at ZooTampa with the return of Christmas in the Wild, featuring one of Tampa Bay’s largest light displays, delectable holiday treats, amazing wildlife and new festive adventures. Happening select nights in November and December, families can make new traditions and unforgettable holiday memories. Become a ZooTampa member and get free admission to special events like Christmas in the Wild.


April 6, 2024

An all-inclusive night filled with up-close wildlife, endless food, unlimited drinks, live music, games and more!

For guests 21+.
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Champions for Wildlife

Our commitment to protecting and preserving wildlife and the natural world we share is the foundation of everything we do. At ZooTampa, we are championing conservation efforts both locally and globally. Through our efforts, it is our vision that everyone we reach is motivated to join us in taking action to protect and preserve wildlife.
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Boy looking to his left, smiling while getting misted by one of the splashpad water features

What’s New at the Zoo?

This spring is the best time to visit ZooTampa! With new areas opening, new up-close animal encounters, exciting limited-time events, AND more time to experience everything together, you will want

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Our Community

It may have just been International Sun Bear Day, but that's bear-ly enough time to appreciate Kacey, the Sun Bear! ☀️⁠
🐻 Bear Awareness Week continues with Kacey, and it's hard to NOT be aware of him. Kacey has been a fan favorite since his arrival at the zoo few years ago with his intriguing look and demeanor! 💕⁠
When was the last time you visited Kacey in ZooTampa's Asia loop?
We couldn't possibly find a better picture to express this week's #MondayMood with Wawa, the Hamadryas Baboon. 🙊⁠
Scared to get the week started? Channel your inner baboon and start this week, teeth bared and ready to go! 😤💪🏽
You know your Sunday is off to a bear-y good start when it's the beginning of Bear Awareness Week!⁠ 🐻⁠
Campbell is an American Black Bear who you may already be aware of. 👀 She is the shier of the two Black Bears in ZooTampa's Florida Wilds with a preference for relaxing behind the scenes. 😴
Don't bolt away! It's Endangered Species Day! 🌎️⁠
Florida is home to a plethora of endangered animals and plant life, including red wolves like Mulberry. 🐺⁠
The red wolf is a critically endangered species with only 18-20 individuals in the wild and over 250 in captive care. 🌿 Luckily, AZA institutions like ZooTampa actively participate in conserving this species in population numbers and in raising awareness! 🔊⁠
How can you help conserve this incredibly rare and important animal? ⬇️⁠
👀 Support AZA Saving Animals From Extinction (SAFE) ⁠
🚗 Drive the speed limit and drive with awareness to reduce wildlife loss to car strikes⁠
📞 Report suspected Red Wolf sightings or injured wolves to the U.S. Fish and wildlife service at 1-855-4-WOLVES ⁠
It’s International Sun Bear Day! Who better to celebrate with than Kacey, the Sun Bear? 🐻 
Kacey isn’t one to turn down a challenge, especially when food is involved. 🥬 Enrichment, like the one you see here, is an essential part of Kacey’s care that allows him to show off his excellent problem solving skills and other bear behaviors! 💭
Happy Sun Bear day to the bear-y best guy we know, Kacey! 🐻☀️
It's #TongueoutTuesday from Ravioli, the hungry Gopher Tortoise! 👅⁠
🐢 Ravioli is an essential part of the ambassador animal team here at the zoo. As a gopher tortoise, Ravioli can help teach about the importance of this keystone species right here in Florida! 🙊⁠
A keystone species is an organism that helps hold the ecosystem together. In Florida, gopher tortoises share their burrow with over 350 other species! 🐍🦊
We welcome this week's #MondayMood with a pair of Red River Hog butts... because how else are you going to welcome the week? 🍑⁠
Amy and Maverick are the resident Red River Hogs at ZooTampa, found nestled in the corner of Africa near the Pygmy Hippos. 🐗 These intelligent African pigs know that wallowing in the shade is one of the best ways to beat the heat, both in Florida and Africa! 🌍️⁠
Melati is stopping by for World Binturong Day! 👀⁠
In honor of this special day, we wanted to clear up a common confusion about these amazing animals! 🫶⁠
🐻 Binturongs are commonly called bearcats, but they aren't closely related to bears or cats at all! 🐈‍⬛ In fact, Binturongs are animals that belong to the family Viverridae, which contains other small omnivores like civets and genets. ⁠
The more you know! 💫

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