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Experience wildlife like nowhere else! Voted one of USA Today’s 10Best Zoos in the country and 12-time winner of TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award, ZooTampa offers one-of-a-kind experiences that connect people to wildlife and each other in fun and immersive ways.

Come nose-to-nose with an endangered Florida panther, witness life-saving care at our David A. Straz, Jr. Manatee Critical Care Center, go on a safari through Africa, and so much more! Every visit supports our commitment to rescue, rehabilitate, and care for animals and continues to inspire future generations to join us in saving animals and preserving the world we share.


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Prehistoric Predators at ZooTampa
Prehistoric Predators at ZooTampa
Prehistoric Predators at ZooTampa

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Wade in the water with stingrays or get up-close to an amazing clouded leopard. You don’t want to miss these animal encounters on your next visit!

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Creatures of the Night

Select nights in October

Tampa Bay’s favorite family-friendly Halloween event, Creatures of the Night, returns every October at ZooTampa. Guests of all ages can enjoy eerie fun, tasty treats, and spooky surprises. Members receive free admission!

Christmas in the Wild

Select nights in November and December

It’s the most wonderful time of the year at ZooTampa with the return of Christmas in the Wild, featuring one of Tampa Bay’s largest light displays, delectable holiday treats, amazing wildlife and new festive adventures. Happening select nights in November and December, families can make new traditions and unforgettable holiday memories. Become a ZooTampa member and get free admission to special events like Christmas in the Wild.


April 6, 2024

An all-inclusive night filled with up-close wildlife, endless food, unlimited drinks, live music, games and more!

For guests 21+.
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Our commitment to protecting and preserving wildlife and the natural world we share is the foundation of everything we do. At ZooTampa, we are championing conservation efforts both locally and globally. Through our efforts, it is our vision that everyone we reach is motivated to join us in taking action to protect and preserve wildlife.
Home - ZooTampa at Lowry Park

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Home - ZooTampa at Lowry Park

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Stay cool this summer! Stingray In-Water Experience Billabong Splash Pad, Presented by Bank of America Ice Cream at ZooTampa Lil Joey’s Family Stop, Presented by Muma Children’s Hospital at TGH

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Our Community

The marvelous "M" names continue with Merida #Monday! 🐐⁠
Merida is a Nigerian Dwarf Goat who resides in the barnyard here at the Zoo. Her rusty red fur and sassy demeanor set her apart from the other goats in her group! 🏠️⁠ Even if Merida has an attitude, she is an integral part of our barnyard here at the zoo! 🧩 While some goats might seem standoffish, they actually value each other as companions, and feel much happier when kept in groups! 🫂⁠
Sensei and Hutan are the bonded pair of Siamangs that call ZooTampa home. 💍 Not shown here is their daughter, Kazuki, who is often up to mischief in the Siamang habitat! 🌳⁠
Siamangs are an endangered member of a group of primates called "gibbons" or "lesser apes" who are ✨️not✨️ a type of monkey! 🐒⁠
Monkeys and apes are often mistaken for one another, but the easiest way to distinguish these primates is the presence (or lack) of a tail: monkeys have tails, while apes do not! 🦧 🦍⁠
My oh my Mia! ⁠💕⁠
Mia is a Yellow-Footed Rock Wallaby that hops around in the Australia section of ZooTampa. 🇦🇺 You can easily identify Mia by her stylish, blue, ear tag and her short snout. 🦘While they look tiny, wallabies can actually jump quite far! Did you know they can jump up to six feet in the air? 😲 That's almost twice their height! ⬆️
It's national Stick Your Tongue Out Day! 👅⁠
Who better to celebrate with than one of our favorite long-tongued residents? 🤔 Zach the Okapi has a prehensile tongue that can reach up to eighteen inches long! 📏 His tongue can actually grab at food as well as our hands can! 🤯 Not only does this unique adaptation allow him to efficiently find food, but it also makes him the perfect candidate for those funny holidays like today. 🌿
Buluu (up front) and Emerald are our two Blue Duikers that stay tucked away in Africa's Hornbill Aviary! 🪶🌍️⁠
These mini antelope are only between 13-16 inches tall, so be sure to check close to the ground for the chance to see them! 🤏They're particularly good at hiding sometimes... did you know that the word "Duiker" is actually Dutch for "Diver"? ⬇️ These little guys are so good at diving into bushes to hide from predators, they were named after it! 🫢
Last week, you met Myrtle, the Babirusa, but this week, we want to celebrate Melati Monday with a beautiful Binturong! 🫶⁠
Melati is a female Binturong here at ZooTampa. She can be found curled up in her habitat's foliage or cooling down in the shaded rocky spots. 🪴 In any case, you will probably smell her before you see her! 🍿
You know, sometimes you just need to knock over the whole hay tub to get the best hay-crunching experience. 🌾 This is especially true when you're a large tortoise like our friend, Winston! 🐢⁠
Winston is a Galapagos tortoise, the largest species of tortoise in the world! Winston here weighs around 450lbs, but other tortoises like him can reach over 500lbs! ⚖️
What magazine do you think Heathcliff the Koala should be on the cover of? 🤔⁠
🐨 Drop your thoughts in the comment section below! 📖

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