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Experience wildlife like nowhere else! Voted one of USA Today’s 10Best Zoos in the country and 12-time winner of TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award, ZooTampa offers one-of-a-kind experiences that connect people to wildlife and each other in fun and immersive ways.

Come nose-to-nose with an endangered Florida panther, witness life-saving care at our David A. Straz, Jr. Manatee Critical Care Center, go on a safari through Africa, and so much more! Every visit supports our commitment to rescue, rehabilitate, and care for animals and continues to inspire future generations to join us in saving animals and preserving the world we share.


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Prehistoric Predators at ZooTampa
Prehistoric Predators at ZooTampa
Prehistoric Predators at ZooTampa

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Wade in the water with stingrays or get up-close to an amazing clouded leopard. You don’t want to miss these animal encounters on your next visit!

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Creatures of the Night

Select nights in October

Tampa Bay’s favorite family-friendly Halloween event, Creatures of the Night, returns every October at ZooTampa. Guests of all ages can enjoy eerie fun, tasty treats, and spooky surprises. Members receive free admission!

Christmas in the Wild

Select nights in November and December

It’s the most wonderful time of the year at ZooTampa with the return of Christmas in the Wild, featuring one of Tampa Bay’s largest light displays, delectable holiday treats, amazing wildlife and new festive adventures. Happening select nights in November and December, families can make new traditions and unforgettable holiday memories. Become a ZooTampa member and get free admission to special events like Christmas in the Wild.


April 6, 2024

An all-inclusive night filled with up-close wildlife, endless food, unlimited drinks, live music, games and more!

For guests 21+.
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Our commitment to protecting and preserving wildlife and the natural world we share is the foundation of everything we do. At ZooTampa, we are championing conservation efforts both locally and globally. Through our efforts, it is our vision that everyone we reach is motivated to join us in taking action to protect and preserve wildlife.
Home - ZooTampa at Lowry Park

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Home - ZooTampa at Lowry Park

Stay Cool this Summer!

Stay cool this summer! Stingray In-Water Experience Billabong Splash Pad, Presented by Bank of America Ice Cream at ZooTampa Lil Joey’s Family Stop, Presented by Muma Children’s Hospital at TGH

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Our Community

Welcome to another wonderful #Caturday with Kayu, the Malayan Tiger! 🐯⁠
As we experience that roasty, toasty Florida heat, you may notice Kayu and some of ZooTampa's other animals taking the opportunity to relax and access their cool back-of-house habitats. ❄️⁠
Stay tuned to learn more about how we keep our animals cool during the summer! ☀️
Here's Lilleeanne's mascara routine in honor of World Giraffe Day! ⬇️⁠
Just kidding! She doesn't have one. Giraffe's long eyelashes are adaptations to help them live in their native environments! 🌳Whenever they forage for food in trees, their eyelashes help them detect and deflect potential hazards on branches! 🐜 Of course, they also have the added benefit of making our giraffe friends look extra stylish.
Glory is looking extra regal here! 👑⁠
Happy American Eagle Day! 🦅 Glory is one half of a bonded pair of eagles here at ZooTampa. 💞Bald Eagles usually have one partner and typically stay together for life. 😯⁠
Unlike some other birds, there aren't many differences between male and female bald eagles. 🤔 Size is actually one of the only distinguishing traits between them (females are usually a bit larger)! 💁‍♀️ Incubation duties are even shared by both the males and females when they build nests! 🪹
We've got the money shot of Munah the Malayan Tapir! 📸⁠
Malayan Tapirs have poor eyesight and will rely on their excellent sense of smell and hearing to help them navigate their environment. Munah and the other curious Tapirs at ZooTampa will investigate animal care staff and each other with their prehensile snouts. 👃⁠
Wait... what the heck is a "prehensile snout"? prehensile is an animal's limp or tail that is able to grab something. The Tapir's snout is an elongated portion of their upper lip and snout that creates their elongated nose!
Celebrate Sunda this World Croc day!⁠🐊⁠
Sunda is a Tomistoma, also known as a false gharial. Tomistoma are a fresh water crocodilian native to Indonesia and Malaysia, with a specialty in catching and eating fish! 🐟️ Be sure to stop by Sunda's habitat near the ZooVentures theater to say "Happy World Croc Day!" 🫶
It’s National Skunk Day! 🦨
Celebrate with Jules, the striped skunk. Jules is enjoying a diet fit for an omnivore! A heathy mix of meat, vegetables, and more helps us ensure that Jules is feeling his best. 🥗
We hope you are starting your Tuesday with the same amount of zen as Titus, the Komodo Dragon. 😌⁠
Titus has been relaxing in the shaded areas of his habitats to avoid the Florida heat, which we can't say we blame him! Be sure to take a close look, sometimes Titus and Aanjay like to relax above ground level in their dragon loft! 🦎

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